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 My love for painting started when I was a child. I had a very nomadic childhood and grew up travelling around Europe .

I absolutely loved that way of living and hope to have a similar lifestyle someday.

My travels opened my eyes to the beautiful world around me and that’s what inspired me to paint and that’s what continues to inspire me to this day. 

The Process 

My customers say they find my work  peaceful and beautiful and it draws them in.   They can imagine relaxing under one of my paintings with a good book and drinking a nice cup of coffee. My work creates a sense of well being and reminds people of a special place or time in their lives.  They are often keen to learn about how I create them.

The process starts with me driving through the Berkshire countryside. I do a rough sketch of a scene and take some photos to work on it at home.

I start by using simple pencil strokes on a piece of white paper to map out the structure of the scene.

Whilst listening to a gamut of music  I apply different shades of pastel greens in acrylics and add more colours into the mix.

By using lighter strokes and pastel colours I create paintings that are easy on the eye and soothing.

Outside The Studio

I love reading, art galleries, parties, music, films, walking animals and life!

Foreign travel is the best ever! I like to learn about other culture's history and traditions

I am philosophical and a deep thinker 

I have to have animals in my life especially labradors whether mine or someone else's.

They are so sweet soft with adoring eyes.

Charitable Donations

I donate 10% of the total amount made from an exhibition

The National Animal Welfare Trust Registered charity no:1090499

The first centre: Watford

The NAWT purchased the Hendon & Aldenham Boarding Kennels in 1981 as its first rescue and rehoming centre. Prior to this most of our rescue and rehoming work had been carried out by volunteers and through renting space in commercial boarding kennels and catteries.

In 1986 NAWT purchased an adjoining field to our Watford Centre, which enabled us to improve the facilities for our large animals, and establish more exercise paddocks for the 120+ dogs housed on site.

The charity grows across the South of England

NAWT acquired Heaven's Gate Farm in Somerset in the early 1990s, and purchased our third centre - Trindledown Farm in Berkshire - in the late 1990s. Trindledown was established as the first purpose built home for elderly pets in the country, and opened in 2002.

Our centre in Cornwall came about as a result of the inspiring work of Molly Wyatt. Molly worked hard over many years to provide a rescue and rehoming service in Cornwall, and shortly before her death in 1996 she asked if NAWT would be willing to carry on her work. We agreed to and in 1997, we took over financial and organisational responsibility for the work in Cornwall.

Our newest site in Clacton was originally set up by Ann and Reg Sims in 1984.  It was entrusted to the National Animal Welfare Trust in 2011 following their retirement after more than 25 years of dedication to the care and rehoming of cats and dogs. 

The rehoming work in Thurrock is carried out by our local Essex branch, and operates out of rented boarding kennels.

The Trust today

Tico jumping through a tyre at NAWT eventTico jumping through a tyre at NAWT event

The charity now cares for and rehomes around 1200 animals a year and is active in all the local communities in which it serves.

The most recent development at the Trust has been the opening of additional four charity shops over the past 18 months. NAWT now has shops in Watford, Falmouth, Burnham-on-Sea, Hayle and Clacton to help further promote our work and raise funds.

Over the years NAWT has had active supporters groups across the country. Whilst the numbers have waxed and waned, the focus of these groups has been on undertaking local animal rescue and welfare work, and on fundraising to support the work of the Trust.

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